Publicity Agent

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Publicity Agent

The Artistic / Publicity agent is the person whose job it is to establish the guiding artistic direction of the Company. This person is directly responsible, with the advice and approval of the Committee, following:

  • setting the artistic goals of the play;
  • choosing the season of productions, with the guidance, perhaps, of a play reading committee;
  • selecting the directors for these productions;
  • selecting, usually with the advice and suggestions of the play directors and the approval of the committee, the creative (and possibly technical) staff for the individual productions;
  • arranging for readings, workshops, classes; selecting the creative staff for them;
  • overseeing the rehearsal processes for all shows and maintaining the continued artistic integrity of the company;
  • overseeing all aspects of production and intervening, if necessary, to solve creative problems as they appear;
  • generally supervising all creative aspects of running the company.

This is probably the most important person in the company.

No matter how well a production is managed, without a farseeing, tireless, endlessly creative and diplomatically gifted Artistic Director, a group is doomed to mediocrity or failure.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 October 2006 )