Thomas Moore Cup


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Thomas Moore Cup

Written by Our Theatre Critique   

The Thomas More Cup was created and first awarded in 1988, when Dubai Drama Group did “A Man for All Seasons.” It all started one fine day…… but shrouded in the mists of time, however it is believed to have happened this way.

“A Man for All Seasons” was one of those shows where if anything could go wrong, it did. Costumes not ready in time, sets falling over, lights blowing * you name it, it happened. Apparently, things went so very wrong that it finally got funny, and the director created the Thomas More Cup (named after the title character in the play) as a revolving honor for “the person or persons who made the production a most memorable experience for the director.” The cup is held by the recipient until the next production, when it is reverently passed back to the producer of the next show, who hands it over to the director on the final night. Then at the cast party, it is awarded with appropriately solemn speeches to the next recipient, who keeps it in a place of honor on his or her mantelpiece or bathroom shelf until the next play wraps.

It is entirely at the director’s discretion, and may be given to anyone. “Memorable” is the director’s definition. I remember one director who awarded it to her son for putting up with an absentee mother for three months. I believe another director awarded it to an actor who still went on, in spite of falling off the stage during rehearsals and breaking her leg (literally). Another director awarded it to her buddy director, who had held her hand all through every step of her first play and made her love directing. And one even awarded it to three women who had made him (for the first time in his life) stand speechless on stage spluttering and flubbing lines because they had flashed him from the wings!

The Thomas More Cup has been returned – thank you for that – and is available for each director to present to his / her deserving recipient. The current holder of the Thomas Moore Cup is Scott Mullen (as at the 1st of November 2006). Passed to Shellan-Rae Dantie (15th of November 2006)

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